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Pam Pridham


Pam is an avid traveller, soaking up culture by the mouthful - her itineraries dictated by restaurant reservations rather than museum exhibits. She took on ownership and and assumed her role as president of Dish in May 2009.

An accomplished home cook, she has experimented with all types of cuisines, cooking for family and friends. You can find Pam working closely with her passionate staff, chatting about food and indulging in their culinary creations.



Gord Pridham


Gord’s favourite meal starts with a plate of heirloom tomatoes from his organic garden finished with volcanic salt and a drizzle of olive oil, then moves on to fresh porcini mushrooms sautéed in a light cream sauce to pair with black cod. And yes, he still has room for dessert.

The consummate globetrotter, Gord looks for inspiration from cutting edge chefs, whose food he seeks out in his regular travels. While not always onsite, Gord brings culinary inspiration to the Dish team from his frequent trips abroad and excels in his role as chief tasting officer.

Jennifer Toft  

GENERAL COORDINATOR - The Girl behind the Curtain

Jen found her way to Dish when she started as a barista and cooking school host and quickly realized how much she loved working in a food-filled environment. Now as our general coordinator, Jen takes care of a lot of things at dish. While she still occasionally dips her toes into the cafe and hosting, you will usually find her behind the scenes, booking and organizing events, working closely with the School Director, Head Chef and Owner to make the magic happen. If you would like to book an event, inquire about our scheduled classes, or want to find a recipe you tried here 5 years ago, Jen is your gal!

Contact Jen at: or 416-920-5559

Erin Ross


Who knew that moving to a small town to teach in rural northern Japan would start Erin on her culinary journey?  Within a year of returning to Canada, Erin did the unthinkable, and quit teaching to apply to culinary school.  Erin graduated from Niagara College with a Culinary Arts Management Diploma, and began her career studying the art of bread, before moving on to focus on pastry while working in Niagara wine country.  Armed with bread, pastry, and wine knowledge, she found her way to Dish in 2014.  Exploring the savoury side of the arts, Erin began working full time in the Dish Kitchen, catering, assisting, and teaching in the cooking school.  Erin became School Director in 2016, and was named Head Chef in 2018.

You can usually find Erin in the Dish kitchen setting up for classes, pop ups + events.  She loves to cook with beer + bourbon, and her classes often include a wine region or two.  

When she isn't playing host + teacher in the cooking studio, you can be sure to find her globetrotting with her husband searching for all things delicious.  Not only do their travels influence her menus, but playing in her backyard vegetable garden is a constant source of inspiration + relaxation.

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Kelly Lanin


A butcher, a baker and a fine dining chef, Kelly has been it all. Her 16-year career as a chef began at the Pacific Culinary Institute in Vancouver where she was trained in French cooking techniques…next to the Granville Island Food Market.

Fast forward to Edinburgh Scotland where Kelly honed her craft under the tutelage of Chef Michel, a French chef from Brittany,at The Bonham, a boutique hotel with a fine dining restaurant. She tasted her first diver scallop, and learned to take the buckshot out of fresh game, and there was no going back from that. Three years later she returned to Toronto where she worked in a variety of roles in fine dining including a pastry chef at Canoe. She baked at Bobbette and Belle and then why not throw in a stint at a butcher shop. Kelly wanted a taste of everything.

Her first stop on every trip is to shop for local food, and to eat it. She enjoys listening to the Dave Chang Podcast and cooking at home with her little family. Equally happy enjoying a 3-star Michelin meal, as a pupusa and horchata in a farmer’s market in Echo Park. Kelly doesn’t just love food, she lives it. Just taste what comes out of Dish’s kitchen and you’ll understand.

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Jasmine Wu


Ever since drawing a chef as what she wanted to be when she grew up in kindergarten, Jasmine has worked in various kitchens since graduating George Brown's culinary skills program and baking and pastry management program. Working through hotels, restaurants and cake shops over the years, Jasmine has finally found a home as a sous chef and teaching assistant at Dish Cooking Studio. When not spending time with her work family, she can be found catching up on the latest in movies or creating embarrassing playlists for her iPod. (Yes, iPod).

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Laura Edwards


Former Stratford Chef School graduate, Laura joined Dish as an Assistant Cooking Instructor, eager to share valuable kitchen skills and food knowledge with class attendees.

Feeling at home at Dish, it wasn’t long before she starting absorbing new roles. While Laura continues to Assist classes, she also now works as Dish Café Supervisor and Administrative Assistant. Whether you’re searching for the perfect kitchen tool or ways to spruce up your dinner party game — she’s your gal!

When not at Dish, you can find Laura hunting thrift stores for clothes and cookware, trying new restaurants around the city and spending time relaxing with family.

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Olivia Cupido


Olivia grew up surrounded by women who were experts in the kitchen; leading Olivia to an insatiable curiosity about their dishes, cooking techniques and the secrets that made every meal so memorable. She went on to study nutrition, complete her Master's degree in Nutrition Communication at Ryerson University, and become a registered dietitian.

At 16, Olivia was given a class at Dish as a gift and instantly knew she'd be back. Years later, she was under the bright lights of the Dish kitchen again as a kitchen assistant. A proud member of the team, she now spends her time leading classes as an instructor and assisting her fellow female chefs. With the lessons she learned from her family close to her heart, Olivia is affectionately referred to as Dish's "resident nonna." It's a title she wears with pride as she continues to be inspired by her family's traditional Italian recipes, as well as more modern applications of her favourites.

Outside of the Dish kitchen, Olivia is a practicing dietitian who also loves attending dance classes, checking out new restaurants and perfecting the art of enjoying espresso with her family.

Cara Tegler


Cara is an avid chef who has a love for food that is inspiring and nutritious. Cara is a graduate from the Culinary Skills program at George Brown College, is a former private chef, food stylist and recipe developer. She now works at Dish full time as a chef for the cafe and Teacher + Assistant for the cooking school.

If there are two foods that Cara is most passionate about, it's salad and dessert. You can sample her creative salads and sweet treats on a daily basis in the Dish Cafe. When not in the Dish kitchen, you can find Cara riding her bike around the city, doing yoga and sampling ice cream from all the best spots.


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Donna Borooah


Donna caught a fascination for food at an early age, learning the craft of baking from her mom, and the art of spice in Indian cooking from her dad. Donna's first role in a kitchen was at Dish on Dupont, where she developed a relentless curiosity for all things food. Inspired by her peers, Donna studied at the Stratford Chef's School, with a focus on pastry. Eagerly, Donna returned to Dish at its new location as a Chef Instructor and assistant.

Donna's knack for tinkering brought her to the world of recipe writing. As a freelancer, Donna writes, develops and test recipes for publications and meal kit companies across Canada. In these roles, Donna refines writing and focuses flavour in recipes for the everyday cook.

As an avid fan of Ina Garten and Martha Stewart, you'll find Donna entertaining friends and family at any chance she gets!

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Danielle Rose


With a passion for food media and the culinary arts, Danielle joined Dish as an assistant cooking teacher, and quickly expanded her role by joining the Dish host team, as well as taking on the position of Social Media Manager.

Fascinated and inspired by the ever-changing world of food, Danielle expresses her creativity through cooking, food styling, food photography, and writing, and enjoys the opportunity to chat with guests about the latest culinary and restaurant trends. When not at Dish, you can find Danielle sharing her foodie adventures on her food blog Ginger Rose.

Courtney Pitchford


Courntey's career in food and hospitality began at a very young age on the shores of Lake St. Lawrence at the family cottage. Using her grandmother's discarded dishes she, along with her sister and cousins, opened their first restaurant featuring wildflower soup, sun baked clay hamburgers and sand milkshakes. It is safe to say she caught the industry bug early.  With almost 20 years of experience she is a Jane of all trades at Dish and is equally at home in the Dish kitchen, behind the bar or at her computer building the perfect spreadsheet. On her off time you can find her tending to her garden or in her kitchen testing new or perfecting old family recipes. She still considers her family her greatest inspiration and best recipe testers.


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