Moms, Pops, n' Tots, Ages 4-7

Chef: Erin Ross

$50 per person

The dish kitchen invites you, and your child to join us for our new kids program.  In our kitchen, you and your child will be led by one of our culinary instructors, and will cook together, creating  meals that you can easily make at home.  Each month we will focus on a different regional cuisine, and recipes will be designed according to the age of the group. You, and your child will learn the basics for working in any kitchen; health and safety, knife skills, measuring, nutritional food preparation, and the joy of cooking.

Italian Inspired Menu:

From Scratch Flatbread Pizza with Fresh Tomato Sauce + Cheese

Handmade Linguine with Alfredo Sauce

Nutella Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream